At this time we are only licensed in the states of Illinois.
We require that you are presently employed, have been employed the last 90 days, have an open and active bank account for at least 30 days, and are not presently filed for or in bankruptcy.
We require proof of current address, a bank statement with at least 30 days of activity, bank account and routing numbers, recent pay-stub with year-to-date totals, an Illinois State ID or Driver’s License and debit card information.
No credit, bad credit and past bankruptcy will not stop you from being considered for a loan. As long as you are not currently in bankruptcy or filing for bankruptcy, we can process your application.
You may be denied for any number of reasons. Here are some of the most common, common reasons and by no means are they a complete list: not been employed for at least three months; you have an open bankruptcy, your income doesn’t meet our qualifications; you don’t have an open and active bank account. As mentioned, loan denials are not only limited to the above mentioned reasons.
The max loan that we currently offer is $4,000. The amount we will lend is based on length of employment, income, status of your bank account, history of bankruptcy, and your ability to pay back your loan.
Please see the Loans page for more information.
Once our funding department receives your signed contracts, your funds are directly credited to your bank account via an ACH. Other arrangements can be made for loans made at our store locations.
All payments for your loan are set up to be electronically debited out of your bank account via an ACH or debit card withdrawal. You can also visit one of our payment locations to pay in cash.
All contracts have a payment schedule that is furnished you at time of signing. That schedule along with any applicable late fees, as per the loan agreement, may be charged. Please refer to contract to make sure amount debited is accurate.
All of our loans can be paid off early with no prepayment penalty fee. We do request that you contact us 3 days prior to the payment in full or any payment other than what is outlined in the contract.
When making greater than scheduled payments, please contact 888-992-0082 three days prior to making your next scheduled payment. NOTE: We do not accept personal or business checks. You may send us a money order, certified check, or we can debit any additional payments from your bank account.
In the event you cannot pay you must contact us at least three business days prior to your next scheduled payment due date. In some cases we can provide an extension.
Please check our Locations page for each location's hours.
Call us any time at 888-992-0082 where you will be connected directly to our underwriting department. If they are not available, please leave a message and we will get in contact with you at the earliest available time. You can also fill in the form on our Contact Us page.

Contact us for more detailed information about your short-term installment loan. We serve clients throughout Illinois’s western and northwestern suburbs.